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May 6, 1987
Member of the Order of Ontario


Lieutenant Governor
Lincoln Alexander,
Oskar Morawetz


Order of Ontario medal

Here is the citation that was read at the Investiture Ceremony for The Order of Ontario:

Oskar Morawetz's outstanding contribution to the world of music has brought him international recognition and renown.

Professor of Music at the University of Toronto, Oskar Morawetz is in such high demand that it is common to find him criss-crossing the continent on a weekly basis contributing his significant talents, as conductor [sic] and composer, to concerts by top North American performers.

A special moment of pride in Professor Morawetz's career came earlier this year when a musical work he was commissioned to compose, A Memorial to Martin Luther King, was premiered on television and was broadcast to thousands of viewers across North America.

A world class composer of high esteem, Oskar Morawetz has truly been an inspiration to his students and followers who recognize his exceptional musical gifts.



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Recipients of the 1987 Order of Ontario
Morawetz is in front row, 4th from left


Order of Ontario certificate