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Canadian Conference of the Arts / Conférence canadienne des arts
126 York Street, Suite 400 / 126 rue York, Pièce 400
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 5T5
(613) 238-3561 FAX/Télécopieur (613) 238-4849

February 3, 1989

Dr. Oskar Morawetz, C.M.
59 Duncannon Drive
Toronto, Ontario
M5P 2M3

Dear Dr. Morawetz,

On behalf of our President, Mr. Paul Siren, and the Board of Governors of the Canadian Conference of the Arts, I would like to congratulate you on your recent nomination to the Order of Canada.

As you may know, the Canadian Conference of the Arts is a national association acting to promote the encouragement and advancement of arts and culture in Canada and to serve the interests of Canadian artists. Established in 1945, the Conference's membership now includes a spectrum of over 1,200 organizations and individuals in the field of the arts and the cultural industries.

We are particularly pleased that this honour has been conferred on you because of your great contribution to the arts and culture in Canada. It is yet another encouraging sign of the increasing public awareness of the importance of the arts in our country. Your example, I am sure, will be followed by many others.

With heartfelt congratulations, I remain,

Sincerely yours,

Michelle d'Auray
National Director