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Oskar Morawetz was attending a concert one evening. He had an extra ticket for the concert, and was asking at the box office if they could offer the ticket to someone. Overhearing this exchange, a young pianist, Ruth Shipman, asked if she might have the ticket. Thus began their courtship.

Oskar Morawetz and Ruth Spafford Shipman were married on June 7, 1958 at Bloor Street United Church in Toronto.

Ruth Shipman was from London, Ontario. Her family belonged to the United Church of Canada. Although Morawetz' family was Jewish, the wedding, hosted by the parents of the bride, was a church wedding.

The service


The wedding was officiated by Rev. Ernest Howse and Rev. Alexander MacMillan.

Rev. Alexander MacMillan, left and son Sir Ernest MacMillan, who was dean of the Faculty of Music at the University of Toronto, and who conducted the premičres of Morawetz' Carnival Overture and Keep Us Free.   During the signing of the registry, Ernesto Vinci sang accompanied by Sir Ernest MacMillan. Dr. Vinci sang God is My Shepherd.
  It is interesting that more than 20 years later, Morawetz transcribed this song for choir as part of his Five Biblical Songs.


Leaving the Church

Morawetz' sister-in-law
Cathleen, and children
Pegeen, Lida, John
and Nancy.

Morawetz' sister Sonja Sinclair,
husband Ric, and children Helen,
Michael and Tony.

Frida and Richard

Formal Photos

The wedding party: Bill Shipman, Mary Kay Simpkinson, John Morawetz, Ruth Shipman, Oskar Morawetz,
Herbert Morawetz, Ms. Kirchken, Bob Binnie, Beverly Scully, Victor Dibello

The bride's family:
Bill, Ruth, Warde
and Norman Shipman

The parents:
Richard Morawetz, Warde Shipman,
Frida Morawetz, Norman Shipman

parents of bride,
Ruth and Oskar,
parents of groom.


The parents of Warde Shipman were strictly religious and never touched a drop of alcohol. Therefore, by their insistence the wedding reception was an alcohol-free event!  

Left to right: Lois Marshall,
Sir Ernest MacMillan, Oskar Morawetz, Ruth Shipman.

As well as family members, many musician friends of Morawetz attended the wedding. Among the wedding guests were:

Sir Ernest MacMillan, Lois Marshall, Ernesto Vinci, Heinz Unger, Albert Prat, Elie Spivak, Albert Guerrero, Ezra Schabas, Boyd Neil, Glenn Gould, Boris Berlin, Hyman Goodman, James Milligan, Bailey Bird and Jan Rubes.

Interestingly, the wedding occurred on a very hot, June day. Yet Glenn Gould, in what became very characteristic of his mannerism, attended wearing gloves and a scarf.

For a full list of guests that attended the wedding,
Click here to view Oskar and Ruth Morawetz' wedding guest book.

Going Away


Ruth and Oskar (center) with Morawetz nieces and nephews:
back: Sonja, Peter, Michael, John
middle: Pegeen, Lida
front: Helen, Virginia, Tony, Nancy, Sylvia

Frida and Richard (middle row) with children and their spouses:
back: Oskar, John, Ric, Herbert
front: Sonja, Ruth, Cathleen, Maureen

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